A playful guide to releasing mental, emotional and physical blocks to success.

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Maclean’s Magazine, Feb 8, 1999. "Stressed out after a bad day at the office? Vancouver kinesiologist Sharon Promislow offers effective strategies for relieving stress, boosting attention and optimizing performance in Making the Brain/Body Connection"

The Vancouver Province, Oct. 5, 1998. "..a fun and informative collection of philosophy, attitude tips and stressbusting info....The book approaches the impact of modern life on our functioning, and gives ways to better cope."

K.Ann Kerr, Synchronicity Magazine: Nov 1998.
"As advertised by the subtitle, this book provides "a playful guide to releasing mental, physical and emotional blocks to success." You may need several copies since the simple but powerful techniques that are described will benefit the entire family. There are tips for rapid learning, help for reading problems, techniques for getting rid of headaches, exercises to remove mild dyslexia, stress reducers and techniques that will make you more effective in challenging situations. They all work! Excellent indexes make it easy to find what you need. Cross-referencing is unusually well done. An extensive bibliography and contact addresses are provided."

Noel Wright, North Shore News, Sept 9, 1998.
"First a word on the author, for 12 years a practicing specialized kinesiologist -- a profession that sent me groping for my Oxford Dictionary (it defines kinesiology as "the study of the mechanics of body movements")...Forget about that traditional "mind over matter" stuff. As the above dictionary definition indicates, Sharon starts with the body. Or, to put it a little more accurately, she regards body and brain as a single, closely interlocked unit, neither part being "superior" to the other and each equally capable of affecting the working of the other. So improved mental performance can be brought about, and "stuck circuits" unblocked, by all kinds of purely physical stimuli. ... Detailed descriptions of those often unorthodox exercises, together with detailed analyses of exactly why and how they affect the brain cells make up much of the book. Given the complexity of the subject, the writing is admirably clear, light touch and understandable to the lay reader. It’s also copiously illustrated on virtually every page with delightful explanatory cartoons by Laura Loucks. Some 70% of current knowledge of the brain having reportedly been discovered during the 1990’s, you should wind up knowing more about the grey stuff between your ears than the top brain surgeons knew just a short decade or two ago."

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Casey from San Diego, California , October 16, 1999
It saved my eyes & boosted my energy! As an artist, I deal often with eyestrain, stiffness... and of course, procrastination. The brilliance of this book is that it provides physical activities one can perform to make you feel better. I love the eye exercises; when I start to get a little fuzzy I take a few minutes to do them, and I instantly experience sharper vision. The emotional balancers are really great when you're feeling tense, or just as a relaxer before you go to bed.
I appreciate the overviews for each section, and the notes pages so I can keep track of my favorite activities, or which ones work best for me. NB: The section 4 activities on "recharging your battery" are great for getting you out of your rut when you don't feel like doing anything. You should definitely try these instead of coffee!
Ms. Promislow explains why her activities work in a simple and fun way. All in all, a very helpful book. I think everybody with a brain should have it... and keep it somewhere you can use it every day. PS I LOVE the cartoons

Yvette Eastman ( from British Columbia, Canada , September 24, 1999
Easy-to-read, & understand, concise self-help on all levels. Ms. Promislow has developed material simply, yet deeply, to allow the reader a very clear understanding of the brain's functions. More importantly, she has not separated the brain function away from the body's dynamics. She uses the pathways of the body to retrain the learning process. The illustrations are humorous,provide witty relief, and appeal to the child within. The material has been excellently researched, and a fine bibliography is added. Along with my praise of her book, I commend Ms. Promislow for her ability to credit the many people who paved the road to brain function. This book is an excellent "how-to" manual for young and old and can help to defuse many learning dis-abilities.

Wayne Topping, PhD, Author, Success Over Distress.
"Sharon Promislow has drawn together a wonderful combination of delightfully simple yet powerfully effective strategies for people of all ages to optimize performance. Anyone wishing to reduce stress, regain the joy of learning and increase empowerment in challenging situations must have this book."

Raleigh Philp, Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University.
"This book is very readable and will serve as a good introduction to applied brain discoveries for many people who would never pick up a Gazzaniga, a Le Doux or a Damasio. Perhaps one of the best contributions is the enticement for lay readers to go further because the book is so easy to read and chocked full of good applications."

Dr. John Thie, Founder of Touch For Health.
"A clear and fun introduction to the basic principles of holistic wellbeing. You will gain insight into how the brain, body and emotions interact, and classic tools for immediate improvement in how you feel and perform." from Toronto, Canada , May 27, 1999
Don't be put off by the illustrations. This book is a real hands-on resource. It does a great job of describing a lot of information that I haven't seen anywhere else and then presents you with a large number of exercises to try out the information! I learned a LOT about my neurophysiology from doing the exercises in this book
My only objection to this book is that the illustrations make the book seem juvenile... but it's not !

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George Boeman, business management consultant
An amazingly concise handbook to help get you and keep you stress free! Its fun and easy to read. I enjoyed the quick little quizzes that let you know where you are on the stress scale, and what you can change to reduce your current stress load. Every office executive should have this book.