Our certified Specialized Kinesiolgy programs teach simple yet profound techniques for switching on the brain/body connection for enhanced functioning. The varied areas of study combine principles and techniques from current brain research, stress management, NLP, acupressure, chiropractic and massage..

All certified courses teach muscle checking as a superb means to providing biofeedback from the brain and central nervous system. Originally muscle checking was used for testing the integrity of muscle strength and balance. Later, techniques were developed to provide stress readouts regarding emotion and sensory processing, allowing sensitive identification of imbalances and assurance of correction. Today, Applied Kinesiology has exciting applications in the field of education, health, stress management, athletic training, counselling and productivity in the work place.

Facilitator Series

Explore Kinesiology in depth with a group of dedicated students.

For those who want to master Specialized kinesiology, we suggest our Kinetic Facilitator Program. Build your skills in logical, easy steps and gain confidence in using the materials effectively for po9werful one-on-one kinetic work.

Offered over a period of nine months, program participants have time to practice, and then to fully integrate their skills in a two part Facilitator Practicum.

Advantages of the Series

  • Experience the key disciplines of kinetic work and understand how they fit together
  • Eliminate repetition of entry level teaching
  • In-depth training and international certification
  • Free practice Sessions
  • Put everything together in a sophisticated, professional format that allows you to offer your other training as part of your correction
  • Have a firm basis for choosing future studies


Brain Gym

Tools of the Trade & Basic One Brain

Touch for Health 1

Success Over Distress

Facilitator Practicum

30 Hours additional elective Specialized Kinesiology courses for a total of over 150 hours of training

Making the Brain Body Connection

In a colorful, interactive one evening workshop Sharon will show you how to switch on your brain and body for peak performance and learning under stress. Based on her best selling book, “Making the Brain Body Connection,” this course is the bridge between today's cutting edge stress, learning and brain research and a playful but powerful introduction to Specialized Kinesiology. You will explore the science behind how your emotions and beliefs lock in stress to create powerful “stress circuits” that block learning and impact memory. You will experience how your brain, body and senses interrelate and learn quick tricks to help them work better for you. The desired result: improved seeing, hearing, writing, learning, memory and focus. You will feel the difference.

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Brain Gym

Empowering the experience of whole brain learning by drawing out potentials locked in the body.

Brain Gym, or Educational Kinesiology, was recently chosen as one of 12 exemplary programs "that model excellence in the classroom and have demonstrated effective results" by a White House Task Force on Innovative Learning, Washington D.C. Originally developed to correct learning disabilities, Edu-K is now used internationally by educators, students, performing artists and the general public to create positive change and free movement in their lives.

Brain Gym - 3 days

Using simple self help activities and movement, we learn to open the midfield between the left and right sides of the brain and body. Integrate your seeing, hearing and writing to more powerfully support your personal goals. To left/right brain integration we add front/back and top/bottom integration The result is wholeness–a fusion of full self-expression and creativity, thinking and feeling, centering and organization, sight and insight.

Stress Release 1 & 2

3 in 1 Concepts

Identify and release your emotional triggers and access the state of being you really want.

Three-in-One Concepts techniques identify on a conscious, subconscious and body level, the beliefs that have fused into old self-defeating patterns. By identifying and defusing these blocks, "One Brain" facilitates a shift in perception of our relationship with ourselves and the outer world. It allows us to respond to life with clear creative choice.

Tools of the Trade 2 days

We learn the key to the One Brain system - the Behavioral Barometer. It brilliantly identifies how we react negatively, and what we really want in regard to any issue. We also learn simple methods for profound emotional defusion. The introductory course to Basic One Brain

Basic One Brain 3 days

Awaken specific learning abilities: reading, writing, comprehension, math, etc. Identify and defuse the physical blockages that limit perception in any area of learning or living.

Touch for Health

Learn how to activate the buttons and switches of the human body to release pain and stress naturally. Touch for Health is a powerful natural healing method, which has proven itself during 25 years of use around the world. Using simple muscle testing TFH identifies the pr9iority areas of stress and/or tension. With techniques from acupressure, Chinese energy theory and body work, students learn to correct imbalances quickly and easily. TFH is the user's guide to the human body.

TFH 1 - 2days

Learn to test and balance 14 muscles and their associated meridians, plus additional techniques for stress reduction, food testing and brain integration.

Wellness Kinestology \ Stress Release 1 & 2 - 2 days

Re-educate the body's response to all aspects of stress. Workshop such issues as weight reduction, self esteem, habit change, wellness, success, procrastination & goal setting.

2 Parts Facilitator Practicum - 6 days

Learn to integrate the techniques from all courses. Experience a simple, elegant format for putting all your training together effectively.

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Quote of the day: " Stress equals diminished awareness. We humans make the big mistake of believing we're in conscious control simply because we're still conscious. Not so: Under stress we're into knee-jerk duplication of learned re-actions based on negative emotion. Under stress our limitations increase drastically...The worst way to handle stressors is to deny they exist." - Gordon Stokes/Daniel Whiteside